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Transdermal Tech

A transdermal delivery system is a medicated adhesive application that is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of medication through the skin and into the bloodstream. Often, this promotes healing to an injured area of the body. An advantage of a transdermal drug delivery route over other types of medication delivery such as oral, topical, intravenous, intramuscular, etc. is that the delivery system provides a controlled release of the medication into the patient, usually through either a porous membrane covering a reservoir of medication or through body heat melting thin layers of medication embedded in the adhesive. A wide variety of pharmaceuticals are now available in transdermal patch form.

Transdermal Patch

Transdermal CBD patches are a unique method of cannabis consumption. You needn’t inhale nor ingest to experience its effects. In fact, you don’t even need to touch a cannabis flower at all. All the work is done by a simple patch adhered to a veinous area of the body, thus allowing the cannabinoids to go to work entering the bloodstream for an effective and long-lasting response.


AI: CBD Sport Tape





1.  A silicone backing is used to keep the CBD formulation fresh and the adhesive strong.  The backing is easily removed from the ktape for application.

2.  The CBD (active ingredient) is held in suspension within a patent pending dissolvable film.  These active ingredients are released as the athletes core body temperature increases and the taped muscle is being exerted.  The active ingredients were specifically chosen to assist the athlete during their athletic event and long after as the muscles recover.  The CBD enters the bloodstream in 30-60 min.

3.  A special water based adhesive was selected to allow maximum durability, strength, and hold during the most grueling athletic event.  This adhesive in combination with a 98% cotton & 2% spandex elastic material allows for a 170% stretch factor, and can be worn up to 5 days.

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AI: CBD Custom Solutions

B2B Custom CBD Solutions

Thanks to intensive quality inspection at every level of the creation process, AI:CBD  is able to provide safe and effective transdermal solutions according to exact customer requirements. Large to small orders are possible on lead times of two to four weeks. Additional fulfillment, logistical, and designs services may be added to any order. Tap into our 20+ years of transdermal manufacturing experience.